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Natural mineral waters: chemical characteristics and health

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  • Some minerals do not even bear crystals, i.e., they are collectively termed alkaloids, and they constitute a considerable portion of the alkaline matter in the environment. The well-known alkaline rocks like calcite, are actually synthesized by means of a reaction between hydrogen peroxide and magnesium sulfate in alkaline earth, with the residue being a series of fine porous aggregates of rock salt.

    Minerals are substances with specific properties that either serve a purpose or contribute to the cure of a disease or condition. For instance, water constitutes a major component of our lives, and yet very little is known about it scientifically. Only a fraction of the water available in the world is purified, and it is in this aspect that minerals come into their own. By bringing to light the characteristics of minerals and the unique contribution they make to our health, we can gain a deeper appreciation for what these elemental agents can do for us.

    LLAP Health Minerals constitute the basic building blocks of our bodies. The three major types of minerals are iron, titanium, and calcium, together with many less common minerals. In geological terms, a mineral is a substance with a definite crystal structure and a definite mineral composition that changes with pressure and temperature. 

    One important example is sodium chloride (salt), which is one of the saltiest of all minerals. Another example is potassium chloride (potassium), which is one of the least soluble of all minerals. A number of other substances like silicon dioxide (silicon acid), calcium carbonate (calcium chloride), and magnesium sulfate (magnesium sulfate) are present naturally as compounds, yet they too are LLAPHealth minerals and constitute part of the composition of our bodies.

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