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Beginners Guide bicycles rental Nha Trang

Finding a good bicycle for rent in Nha Trang is not an easy task because they get damaged very fast with the salt from wind. Several places have city bicycles which are only suitable for trips to fishing village. But You can hardly walk around any (especially central) street without noticing a dozen rental places where you’ll be gladly helped to hire a bicycle.

Where to rent a bicycle in Nha Trang

Many hotels and Homestays offer complimentary bicycles for their patrons. But should this not be the case for you, below is a list of places for bicycle and electric bike hire and costs per day. You can sometimes negotiate cheaper prices for weekly or monthly rentals. Booking vehicles through your hotel or Homestay is convenient but it will most likely be more expensive.

bicycle rental nha trang
bicycle rental nha trang

Bicycle helmets are not compulsory in Vietnam but you need to wear some form of helmet if you are riding an electric bike.

The roads really are dangerous and traffic rules here are very different.

We also recommend that you check the bicycle or electric bike over thoroughly before renting. Look particularly at whether brakes are working and the state of tires. In our experience, rental bikes are sometimes plain dangerous to ride. Don’t worry about pointing out issues, they will give you another bike or fix it.

There are some places bicycle rental in Nha Trang City. But I recommend these fews stores as the quality of bicycles are quite good and easy to find:

Bicycles rental in Nha Trang

  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:30 – 20:00
  • Address: 115 Hung Vuong Street, Nha Trang
  • Tel: +84 090 362 6061

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How much rent a bicycle Nha Trang

When you arrive in Hue, you will see bicycles everywhere. Cycling is a popular mode of transport for tourists wanting to explore the Hue and for locals to get around. There are two main hire options: fixed gear town bikes and mountain bikes.

The best quality, range, and best-maintained mountain bikes in Hue can be found at Grasshopper Adventures. All their bikes are meticulously cleaned and looked after – you can rely on them to work . They have a good range of sizes and also have kids bikes and child seats. Bike hire for the day is 150,000 VND (7.50 USD) and they also require a passport or 5,000,000 VND (250 USD) for a deposit.

The Help Expat Services have a small range of mountain bikes for hire, starting at 60,000 VND (3 USD) a day or 300,000 VND (15 USD) a week. They are well maintained and the owner is very friendly, also offering motorbike hire and a range of other useful services.

The majority of hostels and hotels will have bikes that can be rented either free or for a very small fee—usually less than 25,000 VND (1 USD) a day. They can also be hired from countless places around town.

These bikes are great if you are planning on cycling around Hue’s Old Town or to the beach. However, because they don’t have any gears or suspension, they are not so good if you’re going further afield. If you’re planning on cycling into the countryside or anywhere outside of the city of Hue, then we definitely recommend getting a mountain bike.

Bicycle Tour In Nha Trang

Joining a bicycle tour is a fun, inexpensive, and healthy way of exploring Nha Trang’s tranquil countryside. The six-kilometre-long coastal town has plenty of historical sites that are all grouped close together, so cycling is a popular way to get around town for both the locals and tourists.

Group bicycle tours (with a minimum of two cyclists and maximum of 10) cost approximately USD65, though prices may vary from one tour operator to another. Each tour is inclusive of English-speaking guide, entrance fee, hotel transfers, meals, cycling equipment, and drinking water.

There are plenty bicycle tour operators in Nha Trang, though the most popular one is Vietnam Active, which also provides yoga classes, rafting and kayaking along the Cai River. If you prefer exploring Nha Trang at your own pace.

A full-day cycling tour of the countryside offers a scenic route along the coastline, visiting Po Nagar Cham Towers and The White Buddha, Chong Rocks, Ngoc Son Pagoda, before making a stop at Ninh Ich Village. You can also chat with friendly villagers and learn about their daily routine of cultivating rice and making local handicrafts such as sleeping mats, conical hats, and incense. The final stop is at Ba Ho Waterfalls, where you can enjoy recreational activities such as hiking and swimming before heading back to Nha Trang City.

If you’re pressed for time, go for the half-day tour of Nha Trang City which stops at must-visit sites such as Nha Trang Cathedral, Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar Cham Towers, followed by Chong Rock and Dam Market. Make sure you bring along sufficient cash as you need to pay entry and parking fees at popular landmarks such as Long Son Pagoda and Po Nagar Cham Towers.

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