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10 repair shop motorbike in Hanoi

Regular maintenance and repair of your motorbike is essential for a long lasting motorcycle. So to maintain, repair the best motorcycles, then you will choose a reputable store address in Hanoi? has consulted, learned and synthesized the address of 10 most prestigious motorcycle maintenance and repair shops in Hanoi below.

Repair shop motorbike in Hanoi
Repair shop motorbike in Hanoi

Where you can find repair shop motorbike in Hanoi

1 Anh Thanh’s motorbike repair shop in Cao Ba Quat, opposite the urban environment company. Many people are satisfied with the quality and service, but every crime is too much to leave the motorbie. He fixes both gas and number, all good. To: 0903286644

2 Gia Phong Shop – 107 Giang Vo. You have to repair both the trolley and the gas station there are oke.

3 Tran Son 271 De La Thanh, you just finished car repair there. Quick, enthusiastic, there is also the Internet for the surf facebook.

4 Uncle Tuan, Ham Long opposite school Ngo Si Lien has a brand you edited 10 years ago, reasonable price, careful repair prestige. The fatty brand always wears very good clothes.

5 Huy Beo, 38A Tran Phu, prestige, quality, except Vespa out, what is correct. People can leave their vehicles at the outlets, even leaving the motorbike for a few days.

6 DAI DUONG 21 Nguyen Phuc Lai. The workers here enthusiasm, fun. Price OK, do eat carefully. The shop owner named Duong always, telephone contact 0913543334

7 Hung Cle at 514B Tran Khat Chan, specializing in all kinds of cars and vehicles that no one here repair cars do not know. Tel: 0913300383

8 No. 5 Phu Doan, Hoang Long store, has his brother named 0904183209 Dung, specialized in cars SH, PS …. do very pro.

9 Son whistle 196 Pho Duc Chinh – Ba Dinh – Hanoi. Mr. Son: 0913220893. Especially about the station is always standard.

10 Dung Lo – Forge Forge 3 and Hang Ga. This is the correct way to change the tram lines. The price is acceptable, the workers are very enthusiastic. Fine tune!

A list of 10 reputable motorbike repair shops in Hanoi is provided. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of the car when brought here for repair, maintenance.

Cost of Motorcycling in Vietnam

If you have friends that traveled to Vietnam, then there is a strong chance you heard their crazy stories about how they biked their way across Vietnam.

“OMG man biking through Vietnam was the most incredible thing ever! I saw some crazy landscapes, had wonderful experiences with locals, and nearly killed myself a few times. Still though, if there’s one thing I’d recommend it’s that you get a Honda Win for 200-250 as soon as you get to Vietnam and motorcycle your way through the country. By doing so you will save loads of money on transportation and be more free to choose your trajectory!”

Sound familiar? Well if not, then it’s definitely for the best! And if you have, please take a moment to read this article before making this impulsive decision that may put a much larger dent in your budget than you expected. I had a dream. A dream of motorcycling through Vietnam to new unexplored lands, living as free as the wind. But these dreams were quickly extinguished by the harsh reality of the Honda Win. I thought it would be the most fun and cost-effective way, but learned quite the opposite.

Alt Ways note: I want to make it as clear as possible that I am not telling you not to motorcycle. You can always rent motorcycles for $5-10 a day for daily excursions, or pay a lump sum to motorcycle between different cities (such as Hoi An to Hue for $40 and they carry your bags from one city to the other for you). What I am saying is that you should beware and do thorough research before buying a Honda Win or any other bad quality motorcycle.

Monetary Cost of Motorcycling in Vietnam

Certain costs are to be expected to keep your motorbike running during your trip.

Oil change – $2-5 US (40,000 – 100,000 Dong) – Every 500 KM you will need to do an oil change. There are over 3 000km between Ho Chi Minh and Saigon, so you can expect $10-$30 US right there.

Gas – $3-4 per full tank (60,000 – 90,000 Dong) – A full tank will last you on average about 150km if you are really using up every bit of fuel you have left.

Air Pressure – Should be free but sometimes they make you pay 50 cents or $1 (10,000 – 20,000 Dong).

These costs come from first hand experience of over 5 different travellers. Keep in mind that these are Vietnamese prices, and therefore often times you will be charged (or they at least will try to charge you) more. The one time I had a flat tire they would not accept to charge me less than 300 000 ($15 US), while the right price is between $5 and $7 US.

Cost of motorcycle parts (kd = thousand dong) (dollars in US)

-Back tire: 300 Kd ($15)

-Back air chamber: 100kd ($5)

-Front brake: 80 kd ($4)

-Oil pump: 300 kd ($15)

-Piston bloc: 700kd ($35)

-Air filter: 50kd ($2.5)

-Footrest: 40kd ($2)

-Luggage rack: 40 kd ($2)

-Chain Kit: 300 kd ($15)

-Replace lost key: 140kd ($7)

-Change full key hole: 380,000 – 450,000 depending on model ($19-$22.5)

-Oil change should cost between 80 to 100kd (every 500 km)

-Each welding should cost 10 kd (50 cents)

-Tending the chain is 10 kd (50 cents)

Top 5 shop motorbike accessories most prestigious Hanoi ngtu171982

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