Authored by Eddiie Watson

Importance Of E-Commerce & Insurance

Just fantasize about e-commerce in insurance. It would seem that the thing to sell over the internet is insurance. The client paid for the policy with a credit card, received it by mail, and if an insured event occurred, sent the necessary documents by mail and received insurance, again through a plastic card. All this can be done even if the client and the insurance company are located in different parts of the world. One of the reasons is the high likelihood of customer fraud. Here any adherent of the ideas of e-commerce insurance, paraphrasing the well-known saying, will say: "To be afraid of fraudsters - do not go to the Internet." Then he will give examples of dozens of electronic stores successfully operating in all parts of the world. And this is despite the scammers, who, indeed, sometimes, do not deny themselves the pleasure of profiting at someone else's expense.

With insurance, everything is somewhat more complicated, because the amount of insurance payment, as a rule, is ten times more than what the client pays for insurance. If a store selling books via the Internet, by introducing an additional margin of 1%, will cover losses from 1 fraudster per 100 customers, then the insurer cannot afford this. So, the risk for the company is immeasurably greater here.

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The client is also at risk. Let's go back to the book selling example. If a person does not trust the honesty of employees of an electronic store, he can order a book by cash on delivery. They did not send a purchase - he does not lose anything; sent the wrong thing - can also refuse to take. The insurance contract requires payment immediately. Thus, the client will have to pay money in different ways, but what will he get in return? After all, anyone can open a virtual office, and how can a client make sure that he is not a fraudster, but a real company? In an ordinary office, you can at least look at the licenses. This is the second major problem. They could be listed further, but we will not be distracted by this.

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Even those few insurance companies, whose representatives were not too lazy to go to a specialized server and found five minutes to leave a link to their company, most of them do not even have a basic web page. And what is not ashamed to be called the words "corporate site", unfortunately, only a few have.An increase in interest in business-to-business solutions can be expected, especially in the field of reinsurance.Such insurance costs a pensioner inexpensively. An increase in the number of systems similar to the above-described scheme of the relationship between "Help" and "Petrovsky" is also possible. With the advent of such technologies, cheaper insurance products will appear on the market - the agent is not very interested in selling insurance forand the introduction of the automated system by "Help" made it possible to work.

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