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Guide To Renting A Motorbike Hoa Binh

Hoa Binh is a lush, mountainous province in Vietnam's north-western region, some 74 kilometres south-west of Hanoi. Exploring this sparsely-populated region of Vietnam, enjoy scenic trekking tours and the chance to see the distinct cultures of the colourful hill-tribe people who live here, the Muong, Kinh, Thai, Tay, Dzao, Hmong and Hoa people.

Hoa Binh town is the largest community to visit in this province of ten districts, while those seeking more a more remote escape travel 60 kilometres further west to see the traditional stilt-houses and verdant landscape of the Mai Chau valley. Those who time it right can gain more insight into hill-tribe traditions by joining a local festival, or any time of year offers the chance to pick up some of the vivid and intricate locally made crafts and clothing in the market.

Driving tours along the precarious yet picturesque mountain passes are an exciting way to explore the beautiful countryside and, for those with the strength and stamina, cycling is another ideal way to see the sights of Hoa Binh province. Hoa Binh means 'peace' and indeed this is one of the most peaceful and pleasant areas you'll find in Vietnam.

Hoa Binh is a famous tourist destination. Famous for both domestic and foreign tourists. Hoa Binh has many beautiful, poetic, wild and peaceful landscapes. But mostly in the valleys and on the mountainous terrain. Therefore. This place becomes an ideal place for tourists to rent a motorbike in Hoa Binh. Here, we would like to summarize some information.

Motorbike rental in Hoa Binh
Motorbike rental in Hoa Binh

Some places Hoa Binh Motorbike Rental

It is not difficult to rent a motorbike in Hoa Binh or any other Vietnam city. There are several variants:

small hotels and hotels.

specialized points.

other variants.

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You can hardly walk around any (especially central) street without noticing a dozen rental places where you’ll be gladly helped to hire a scooter.

If you are staying at a small hotel you’ll probably be told about such nearest places at the reception. They even can bring you a bike or something to the hotel as hotel owners often have contracts with the owners of motor transport.

If they don’t provide such a service, it’s enough to walk along the second and the third lines of Hoa Binh.

One more method of hiring motor transport in Hoa Binh is getting in touch with the foreigners living there a long time and running some bike rental business. We’d advise you to turn to our good acquaintances – guys from the Moto Vietnam and they not only will help you to choose a good and suitable bike but will also give you some recommendations and several bike riding lessons.

There are some places motorbike rental in Hoa Binh. But I recommend these fews stores as the quality of motorbikes are quite good and easy to find:

Motorbike rental Hai Chau

Address: 18 Ba Trieu, Cham Mat, Hoa Binh.
Phone: 0913686182

Toan Thang Motorbike rental

Address: 87 Vo Thi Sau Str, Cham Mat, Hoa Binh.
Phone: 0983 937 046

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Safety Inspection and Checks

Here are things you should check for.

1) Inspect the bike for existing damage and take photo’s on your phone.

2) Sit on the bike and bounce up and down – make sure the suspension is working.

3) See if the mirrors adjust and you can see behind you. Vietnamese drivers hardly ever use their mirrors – but you do!

4) Ride the bike and check for size comfort (your knees should not be forced to stick out)

5) Ride the bike and test the brakes (some bikes have rear and front, some combined – know what you have)

6) Check the acceleration – sometimes you will need to get out of the way of some idiot quickly

7) Opt for bikes with thicker tires – thin tires and gravel will be your No one reason for an accident

8) Helmet – Get as good as you can and wear it.  Seriously wear it – I know some people don’t but think of your mother!

Discover Dien Bien Phu motorbike rental.

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