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Catchy Analytical Essay Topics For Students

Analytical essay writing is easier than it seems at first sight. Being an essay writer, you just need to clear yourself on some basic things. The first thing you should do is to understand the literal meaning of ‘analysis’. In simple words, an analysis is a procedure or process or a situation in which we break up a complex issue into smaller components and inspect each component separately.

Students at almost all academic levels get to write analytical essays. By assigning such assignments to the students, teachers want to test the analytical, writing, and presentation skills of the students. 

In this article, we have gathered some amazing analytical essay topics.

Social Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the major reasons behind the immigration crisis.
  2. Analyze the negative impact of refugees on the system of local communities.
  3. Discuss the ongoing changes in gender roles across the world. 
  4. How does a longer life span of people impact society in a negative way? 
  5. Analyze the major ongoing armed conflicts in the world.
  6. Investigate the popularity of tattoos and piercings in today’s era.
  7. Give your analysis about the shift to online communication from face-to-face interactions.
  8. What are some of the current social issues and what are their causes?
  9. How is gender inequality affecting professional circles?
  10. State some of the reasons behind the crisis in education.

Most of the time, the topic for an analytical essay is assigned by the professors to the students. On the other hand, students are sometimes given complete freedom when it comes to topic selection. But for many students, it is no less than a nightmare. They find it a very difficult task which leads them to opt for the option of “pay for essay and request write my college essay”. 

Political Topics

  1. Analyze some benefits and disadvantages of nationalism.
  2. Analyze the best speech ever delivered by any US President. 
  3. Look into the differences between American and European democracies.
  4. Conduct an analysis of the reasons behind the ongoing presence of monarchies.
  5. Evaluate how outdated laws affect your everyday life.
  6. Analyze the critical components of an election campaign.
  7. What are some of the advantages of democracy?
  8. Analyze the evolution of the President’s Twitter account.
  9. Discuss the importance of the right to vote for minorities. 
  10. Conduct an analysis of the wrong strategy chosen by the party that lost the last election.

Essay writing is not an interesting activity for all of the students. Especially when it comes to analytical essay writing, students cannot muster up the courage to do it themself. They prefer to ask a professional to help them with their “write my essay” query.

Analytical Essay on Health

  1. Analyze the efficacy of chiro therapy. 
  2. People with down’s syndrome should be given extra medical protocol. 
  3. Investigate the case of Big Pharma. 
  4. Tell us about your latest experience with a nurse or a doctor.
  5. Discuss the benefits of having a family doctor willing to make house visits.
  6. Explore foreign public health systems and the health system in the US. 
  7. Is children’s vaccination a waste of time and resources?
  8. Extensive first aid training should be a mandatory part of education.
  9. Consider the dangers of home births for mother and child.
  10. What could be the consequences of doctors breaking patient confidentiality?

Analytical Essay Topics on Crime

  1. What could be the consequences of different gangs living together?
  2. Explore the differences between government and private prisons.
  3. Review the crime rates over the last decade. 
  4. Analyze some of the possible ways to lower crime rates.
  5. analyze the jury system and highlight some of its benefits. 
  6. Evaluate the rise in police brutality cases and causes.
  7. Review possible preventative measures to stop mass murders and other acts of terror.
  8. What reasons lead young people to join criminal gangs? 
  9. Discuss the fine line between security and privacy infringement.
  10. Suggest a perfect punishment for pedophiles. 

Essay Topic Ideas on Nature

  1. Consider the negative impact of household cleaning products on the environment.
  2. Evaluate the necessity of animal testing. How could it be stopped? 
  3. Assess the correlation between smog and a rise in allergy rates.
  4. Review the drawbacks of alternative energy sources.
  5. Analyze the ways to promote full-scale recycling.
  6. Break down the ecological impact of your household.
  7. Dissect the causes for the extinction of species.
  8. Suggest some of the solutions for cleaning the oceans from waste.
  9. List down some negative effects of the atmospheric discharges of local manufacturers.
  10. Discuss practical ways everyone can make a positive environmental impact.

Essays on Movies

  1. Analyze different cartoon shows children watch. 
  2. Evaluate the differences between a book and a movie filmed on it. 
  3. Analyze the impact of horror movies on a child’s psychology.
  4. Discuss the moral value of TV shows.
  5. Consider the effects of nepotism in the film industry. 
  6. Analyze some success factors of the Game of Thrones. 
  7. Analyze the reasons Marvel movies have become so popular.
  8. Review the negative impact endless sequels have on the movie industry.
  9. Investigate the financial aspect of the movie-making.
  10. Explore the character of Sherlock Holmes.

Hopefully, now you will be able to find a good topic for your analytical essay. Once you select a topic, make sure that you conduct research on it and collect relevant data related to it. 

In case you are still not very confident about writing an essay all on your own, the best approach is to hit a college essay writing service. Such a service will help you with not just merely writing an essay, but also ensure a good grade.    

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