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SDN is the future of networks

We can say that SDN (Software Defined Networking) is the future of working with networks. The tool is a set of open interfaces of pure and simple programming. VMware NSX - is a network virtualization platform that offers the operational model of a virtual machine (VM, virtual machine) for the network with the purpose of transforming the financial aspects and operations of the data center. It requires a controller cluster and a single point of control for the virtual networking solution. In addition to communicating with VMware vSwitches, Open vSwitch, and physical gateways.

PLUMgrid - requires the equivalent of a controller that is called the PLUMgrid Director to communicate with the IO visor (your virtual switch version). They also have their own SDK which would be an added value if customers were looking to build their own applications to integrate the PLUMgrid platform.

Nuage Networks - Nuage Networks requires a controller that communicates with Open vSwitch, Nuage physical gateways, and physical gateways. In addition, it allows cloud service providers, web-scale operators, and high-tech companies to build robust and highly scalable network infrastructures.

Juniper Contrail - is a network virtualization platform, which also requires a controller to be used as part of the solution. It also offers a complete e-mail and collaboration platform for your company, replacing MS Exchange, Lotus Notes and other systems with advantages.

Plexxi - the solution is a platform fully integrated with the physical hardware and software network. It requires a controller, but it also offers advanced analysis. The Plexxi SDN architecture divides the control plane between individual switches and a central controller and includes a sophisticated north interface that features a network abstraction for orchestration systems and applications.

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